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Madeleine Milburn     @ The Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency
The Marsh Agency Ltd
Alice Martell     @ The Martell Agency
Anne Reingold     @ The Marton Agency, Inc.
Nahvae Frost     @ The McCarthy Agency, LLC
Shawna McCarthy     @ The McCarthy Agency, LLC
Gaby Naher     @ The Naher Agency
Ned Leavitt     @ The Ned Leavitt Agency
Britta Steiner Alexander     @ The Ned Leavitt Agency
Christi Cardenas     @ The Plains Agency, Inc.
Kim Blair McCollum     @ The Purcell Agency, LLC
Catherine Hedrick     @ The Purcell Agency, LLC
Tina Schwartz     @ The Purcell Agency, LLC
Ilyse Steiner     @ The Purcell Agency, LLC
Harry Endrulat     @ The Rights Factory
Olga Filina     @ The Rights Factory
Sam Hiyate     @ The Rights Factory
Natalie Kimber     @ The Rights Factory
Lindsay Leggett     @ The Rights Factory
Ali McDonald     @ The Rights Factory
Lydia Moed     @ The Rights Factory
Haskell Nussbaum     @ The Rights Factory
Cassandra Rodgers     @ The Rights Factory
Anna Trader     @ The Rights Factory
Ryleigh Walsh     @ The Rights Factory
Gina Zampino     @ The Rights Factory
David Halpern     @ The Robbins Office
Kathy Robbins     @ The Robbins Office
Robert Shepard     @ The Robert E. Shepard Agency
Barbara Collins Rosenberg     @ The Rosenberg Group
Eric Ruben     @ The Ruben Agency
Sara Camilli     @ The Sara Camilli Agency
The Sayle Literary Agency
Julie Gwinn     @ The Seymour Agency
Elizabeth Poteet     @ The Seymour Agency
Nicole Resciniti     @ The Seymour Agency
Tina Wainscott     @ The Seymour Agency
Jennifer Wills     @ The Seymour Agency
The Sharland Organisation Ltd
Maribel Rivas     @ The Shukat Company, Ltd.
Victoria Shoemaker     @ The Spieler Agency
Joe Spieler     @ The Spieler Agency
Helen Sweetland     @ The Spieler Agency
John Thornton     @ The Spieler Agency
The Standen Literary Agency
Edward Graham     @ The Steinberg Agency
Karen Ball     @ The Steve Laube Agency
Dan Balow     @ The Steve Laube Agency
Tamela Hancock Murray     @ The Steve Laube Agency
Steve Laube     @ The Steve Laube Agency
Lauren MacLeod     @ The Strothman Agency
Wendy Strothman     @ The Strothman Agency
Rob Kirkpatrick     @ The Stuart Agency
Christopher Rhodes     @ The Stuart Agency
Andrew Stuart     @ The Stuart Agency
The Susijn Agency
The Tennyson Agency
Michelle Tessler     @ The Tessler Literary Agency
Lane Heymont     @ The Tobias Literary Agency
Christine Tomasino     @ The Tomasino Agency, Inc.
Jennifer Unter     @ The Unter Agency
James Vines     @ The Vines Agency
Kate Shaw     @ The Viney Agency
Charlie Viney     @ The Viney Agency
Kimberly Whalen     @ The Whalen Agency
Amy Williams     @ The Williams Company
Jin Auh     @ The Wylie Agency
Sarah Chalfant     @ The Wylie Agency
Andrew Wylie     @ The Wylie Agency
The Wylie Agency Ltd
Zoe Pagnamenta     @ The Zoe Pagnamenta Agency
Kiele Raymond     @ Thompson Literary Agency
Molly Reese Lerner     @ Thompson Literary Agency
Meg Thompson     @ Thompson Literary Agency
John Thorn     @ Thompson Literary Agency
Cindy Uh     @ Thompson Literary Agency
Cassian Hall     @ Tin-Can Telephone Literary Agency
Toby Eady Associates Ltd
Tracy Brown     @ Tracy Brown Literary Agency
Sandra Bishop     @ Transatlantic Literary Agency

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