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Literary Agents

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Jordan Hamessley - New Leaf Literary & Media
Jordan Hill - New Leaf Literary & Media
Janna Morishima - New Leaf Literary & Media
Suzie Townsend - New Leaf Literary & Media
Joanna Volpe - New Leaf Literary & Media
J. L. Stermer - Next Level Lit, LLC
Diane Banks - Northbank Talent Management
Martin Redfern - Northbank Talent Management
Hannah Weatherill - Northbank Talent Management
Jonathan Agin - O'Connor Literary Agency
Kevin O'Connor - O'Connor Literary Agency
Monica Odom - Odom Media Management
Leslie Zampetti - Odom Media Management
Clara Chuiton - Olswanger Literary
Kimberly Fernando - Olswanger Literary
Michelle Jackson - Olswanger Literary
Jared Johnson - Olswanger Literary
Anna Olswanger - Olswanger Literary
Annie Romano - Olswanger Literary
Madison Scalera - Olswanger Literary
Tara Gelsomino - One Track Literary Agency
Adria Goetz - P.S. Literary Agency
Claire Harris - P.S. Literary Agency
Cecilia Lyra - P.S. Literary Agency
Curtis Russell - P.S. Literary Agency
Eric Smith - P.S. Literary Agency
Maria Vicente - P.S. Literary Agency
Carly Watters - P.S. Literary Agency
Stephanie Winter - P.S. Literary Agency
Claire Easton - Painted Words
Lori Nowicki - Painted Words
Catherine Cho - Paper Literary
Katie Greenstreet - Paper Literary
Katelyn Dougherty - Paradigm Agency
Alyssa Reuben - Paradigm Agency
Jaidree Braddix - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Celeste Fine - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Peter Knapp - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Abigail Koons - Park & Fine Literary and Media
John Maas - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Alison MacKeen - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Theresa Park - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Sarah Passick - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Anna Petkovich - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Stuti Telidevara - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Mia Vitale - Park & Fine Literary and Media
Paul Fedorko - Paul Fedorko Agency
Loren Grossman - Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
Paul Levine - Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
Anne Bohner - Pen and Ink Literary
Kristina Perez - Perez Literary & Entertainment
Andrew Lampack - Peter Lampack Agency
Tim Bates - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Giulia Bernabe - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Daisy Chandley - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Kate Evans - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Adam Gauntlett - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Sarah Hornsley - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Lucy Irvine - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Annabel Merullo - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Caroline Michel - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Silvia Molteni - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Fiona Petheram - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Laurie Robertson - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Elizabeth Sheinkman - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Cara Lee Simpson - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Jonathan Sissons - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Lisette Verhagen - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Rebecca Wearmouth - Peters Fraser & Dunlop
John Ash - PEW Literary
Eleanor Birne - PEW Literary
Margaret Halton - PEW Literary
Patrick Walsh - PEW Literary
Doug Young - PEW Literary
Kim Lombardini - Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
Lukas Ortiz - Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
Anne-Lise Spitzer - Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
Robert Thixton - Pinder Lane & Garon-Brooke Associates, Ltd
Sara Crowe - Pippin Properties, Inc.
Elena Giovinazzo - Pippin Properties, Inc.

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