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Andree Abecassis     @ Ann Elmo Agency, Inc.
Lettie Lee     @ Ann Elmo Agency, Inc.
Ann Rittenberg     @ Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency
Ann Tobias     @ Ann Tobias Literary Agency
Anne Clark     @ Anne Clark Literary Agency
Anne Edelstein     @ Anne Edelstein Literary Agency
Annette Green Authors' Agency
Antony Harwood     @ Antony Harwood Limited
Antony Harwood Ltd
Steve Calcutt     @ Anubis Literary Agency
Natalia Aponte     @ Aponte Literary Agency
Victoria Lea     @ Aponte Literary Agency
April Eberhardt     @ April Eberhardt Literary
Nicole Aragi     @ Aragi Agency
Frances Coady     @ Aragi Agency
Duvall Osteen     @ Aragi Agency
Victoria Pryor     @ Arcadia Literary Agency
Arthur Greene     @ Arthur Greene & Co.
Ashley Grayson     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Carolyn Grayson     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Jennifer Wang     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Lois Winston     @ Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Associated Publicity Holdings Ltd
Audrey Wolf     @ Audrey A. Wolf Literary Agency
Lyn Tranter     @ Australian Literary Management
Author Literary Agents
Stephany Evans     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Serene Hakim     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Luba Ostashevsky     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Ayesha Pande     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Anjali Singh     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Madison Smartt Bell     @ Ayesha Pande Literary
Lisa Bankoff     @ Bankoff Collaborative
Michael Burke     @ Barbara Bova Literary Agency
Barbara Braun     @ Barbara Braun Associates, Inc.
Barbara Hogenson     @ Barbara Hogenson Agency
Barbara Levy Literary Agency
Barbara Kouts     @ Barbara S. Kouts
Denise Barone     @ Barone Literary Agency
Danny Baror     @ Baror International
Heather Baror-Shapiro     @ Baror International
Barrie James Literary Agency
Barry Goldblatt     @ Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, Inc.
Jennifer Udden     @ Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, Inc.
Gill McLay     @ Bath Literary Agency
Sharon Belcastro     @ Belcastro Agency
Greta Moran     @ Beth Vesel Literary Agency
Beth Vesel     @ Beth Vesel Literary Agency
Betsy Amster     @ Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
Mary Cummings     @ Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
Betsy Nolan     @ Betsy Nolan Literary Agency
Beverley Slopen     @ Beverley Slopen Literary Agency
Paul Fedorko     @ Bienstock UTA
BJ Robbins     @ BJ Robbins Literary Agency
Isobel Dixon     @ Blake Friedmann Literary
Hattie Grunewald     @ Blake Friedmann Literary
Juliet Pickering     @ Blake Friedmann Literary
Tom Witcomb     @ Blake Friedmann Literary
Merry Gregory Pantano     @ Blanche C. Gregory, Inc.
Blanche Marvin
Andrew Blauner     @ Blauner Books Literary Agency
Agnes Birnbaum     @ Bleecker Street Associates, Inc.
Dawn Dowdle     @ Blue Ridge Literary Agency
Bob Mecoy     @ Bob Mecoy Literary Agency
Sandra Bond     @ Bond Literary Agency
Becky LeJeune     @ Bond Literary Agency
Book Bureau Literary Agency
Christine Witthohn     @ Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC
BookBlast Ltd
Jessica Alvarez     @ BookEnds, LLC
Rachel Brooks     @ BookEnds, LLC
Beth Campbell     @ BookEnds, LLC
Naomi Davis     @ BookEnds, LLC
Jessica Faust     @ BookEnds, LLC
Moe Ferrara     @ BookEnds, LLC
Amanda Jain     @ BookEnds, LLC
Kim Lionetti     @ BookEnds, LLC
Tracy Marchini     @ BookEnds, LLC
Natascha Morris     @ BookEnds, LLC
Teresa Kietlinski     @ Bookmark Literary

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