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Rebecca Friedman     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Juliana McBride     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Abby Schulman     @ Rebecca Friedman Literary Agency
Eve Adler     @ Red Fox Literary
Stephanie Fretwell-Hill     @ Red Fox Literary
Karen Grencik     @ Red Fox Literary
Jennie Kendrick     @ Red Fox Literary
Jenna Pocius     @ Red Fox Literary
Abigail Samoun     @ Red Fox Literary
Lori Steel     @ Red Fox Literary
Sarah Stephens     @ Red Fox Literary
Dawn Frederick     @ Red Sofa Literary
Peter Cox     @ Redhammer Management Ltd
Ashley Herring Blake     @ Rees Literary Agency
Kelly Peterson     @ Rees Literary Agency
Rebecca Podos     @ Rees Literary Agency
Lorin Rees     @ Rees Literary Agency
Claire Anderson-Wheeler     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Markus Hoffmann     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Elianna Kan     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Joe Regal     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Stephanie Steiker     @ Regal Hoffmann & Associates
Regina Ryan     @ Regina Ryan Publishing Enterprises
Alan Nevins     @ Renaissance Literary & Talent
Berta Treitl     @ Renaissance Literary & Talent
Rick Broadhead     @ Rick Broadhead & Associates Literary Agency
Rick Raftos     @ Rick Raftos Management
Rick Margolis     @ Rising Bear Literary Agency
Rita Rosenkranz     @ Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency
Richard Florest     @ Rob Weisbach Creative Management
Rob Weisbach     @ Rob Weisbach Creative Management
Robert Caskie     @ Robert Caskie, Ltd.
Robert Dudley     @ Robert Dudley Agency
Robert Smith     @ Robert Smith Literary Agency Ltd
Robin Straus     @ Robin Straus Agency, Inc.
Paul Rodeen     @ Rodeen Literary Management
Gill Coleridge     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Sam Copeland     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Natasha Fairweather     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Georgia Garrett     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Cara Jones     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Matthew Marland     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Peter Straus     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Matthew Turner     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Zoe Waldie     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Claire Wilson     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Jon Wood     @ Rogers, Coleridge & White
Kurestin Armada     @ Root Literary
Samantha Fabien     @ Root Literary
Melanie Figueroa     @ Root Literary
Taylor Haggerty     @ Root Literary
Alyssa Maltese     @ Root Literary
Molly O'Neill     @ Root Literary
Holly Root     @ Root Literary
Ethan Bassoff     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Dara Kaye     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Jenna Land Free     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Shannon O'Neill     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Tina Pohlman     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Gail Ross     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Jennifer Weis     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Howard Yoon     @ Ross Yoon Literary Agency
Amy Flynn     @ Rubin Pfeffer Content
Melissa Nasson     @ Rubin Pfeffer Content
Rubin Pfeffer     @ Rubin Pfeffer Content
Rupert Heath     @ Rupert Heath Literary Agency
Rachel Altemose     @ Salky Literary Management
Kate Garrick     @ Salky Literary Management
Eryn Kalavsky     @ Salky Literary Management
Jesseca Salky     @ Salky Literary Management
Elise Capron     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Sandra Dijkstra     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jennifer Kim     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Thao Le     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jill Marr     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Jessica Watterson     @ Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency
Matthew Bialer     @ Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Rachael Dillon Fried     @ Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Abigail Frank     @ Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
Wendi Gu     @ Sanford J. Greenburger Associates

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