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Literary Agents

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Query Method
Jacquie Flynn - Joelle Delbourgo Associates
Moses Cardona - John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
Warren Frazier - John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
Anne Hawkins - John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
William Reiss - John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
Michael Alcock - Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Anna Power - Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Charlotte Seymour - Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Becky Thomas - Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Ed Wilson - Johnson & Alcock Ltd
Jonathan Pegg - Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency
Jud Laghi - Jud Laghi Agency
Judith Ehrlich - Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
Judith Murdoch - Judith Murdoch Literary Agency
Ginger Curwen - Julia Lord Literary Management
Julia Lord - Julia Lord Literary Management
Julie Crisp - Julie Crisp Literary Agency
Karen Gantz Zahler - Karen Gantz Zahler Literary Agency
Barney Karpfinger - Karpfinger Agency
Kate Hordern - Kate Hordern Literary Agency
Anne Williams - Kate Hordern Literary Agency
Justin Nash - Kate Nash Literary Agency
Kate Nash - Kate Nash Literary Agency
Kathi Paton - Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency
Kathryn Green - Kathryn Green Literary Agency
Ken Sherman - Ken Sherman & Associates
Emily Keyes - Keyes Agency
Meg Davis - Ki Agency
Lisa Abellera - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Kimberley Cameron - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Amy Cloughley - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Elizabeth Kracht - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Dorian Maffei - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Mary C. Moore - Kimberley Cameron & Associates
Rob Kirkpatrick - Kirkpatrick Literary
Judy Klein - Kleinworks Agency
Lucy Cleland - Kneerim & Williams
Katherine Flynn - Kneerim & Williams
Carol Franco - Kneerim & Williams
Sarah Khalil - Kneerim & Williams
Jill Kneerim - Kneerim & Williams
Carolyn Savarese - Kneerim & Williams
Ike Williams - Kneerim & Williams
Kathleen Ortiz - KO Media Management
Savannah Brooks - KT Literary
Tara Gilbert - KT Literary
Hilary Harwell - KT Literary
Chelsea Hensley - KT Literary
Sara Megibow - KT Literary
Renee Nyen - KT Literary
Jas Perry - KT Literary
Kari Sutherland - KT Literary
Laurel Symonds - KT Literary
Kate Testerman - KT Literary
Kelly van Sant - KT Literary
Ben Grange - L. Perkins Agency
Lori Perkins - L. Perkins Agency
Maximilian Ximenez - L. Perkins Agency
Kirsten Aguilar - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Regina Bernard-Carreno - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Annalise Errico - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Beth Marshea - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Allegra Martschenko - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Stefanie Molina - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Leah Pierre - Ladderbird Literary Agency
Larry Weissman - Larry Weissman Literary, LLC
David Fugate - Launchbooks Literary Agency
Laura Dail - Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Katie Gisondi - Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Carrie Pestritto - Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Elana Roth Parker - Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
Laura Gross - Laura Gross Literary Agency
Will Morningstar - Laura Gross Literary Agency
Lauren Scovel - Laura Gross Literary Agency
Laura Langlie - Laura Langlie Agency
Grace Heifetz - Left Bank Literary
Gaby Naher - Left Bank Literary
Leigh Feldman - Leigh Feldman Literary
Stephen Hanselman - LevelFiveMedia, LLC
Sarah Bedingfield - Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency

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